Adventist Health Castle | Windward Health | Winter 2022

yond Windward O‘ahu Conditions we treat: Services we offer: Most Hawaii residents under the age of 40 do not have a PCP. “Urgent care becomes a great go-to when you get sick or for minor injuries,” explains Derek Dickard, director of business development. Adventist Health Castle Urgent Care locations Kailua 660 Kailua Road, Kailua, HI 96734 Kapolei 890 Kamokila Blvd., Kapolei, HI 96707 Pearl City 1245 Kuala St., Pearl City, HI 96782 Ultimately, Adventist Health would like to expand accessibility, and the addition of UCH “helps us to expand services to new markets that we have not historically been in, like Kapolei and Pearl City.” Consistency of care is maintained through notes and updates, provided directly to PCPs, for patients who have a regular doctor. Most Hawaii residents under the age of 40 do not have a PCP. “Urgent care becomes a great go-to when you get sick or for minor injuries,” explains Derek Dickard, director of business development. But it is not designed to manage chronic issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. According to Dickard, 58% of all Urgent Care Hawaii patients, visiting all UCH clinics combined, reported not having a primary care physician. Schmidt recalls a woman who came to UCH with an eye issue, thought to be a sty. Temporary relief was administered, and the UC Plus nurse case manager, recognizing the need for a more specialized examination, was able to arrange a Colds Flu symptoms Sore throat Ear or sinus pain Minor burns and bruises Scrapes or minor cuts Lacerations Sprains Possible fractures Asthma Pediatric illnesses Abdominal pain Rash or hives Stings and bites Allergies Fevers Headaches Foreign object in eye or nose Urinary symptoms Work-related injuries Cough or upper respiratory symptoms next‑day appointment for her with an ophthalmologist. According to Schmidt, “It turned out to be a very serious issue. Making that connection saved her eye!” Schmidt will stay on through the transition. “Urgent Care Hawaii chose Adventist Health Castle because we share a commitment to high-quality patient-centered care and have the resources and expertise to deliver care beyond an urgent care setting. We believe that our organizations are a great fit for one another because we are truly aligned in our mission, vision and values,” says Schmidt. “Urgent Care Hawaii’s team of professionals has provided a rapid response to the unique needs presented by the pandemic, which has allowed urgent care services to continue conveniently and safely.” The three existing UCH centers will also remain through the transition. Continuing to identify where expansion makes sense is important. UCH did well adapting business hours to their market areas. “We may have longer hours at specific locations, depending on need and even on season,” Dickard explains, giving flu season as an example. Adventist Health preserves its mission and vision: access to affordable healthcare for the community. Having urgent care connected under the Adventist Health Castle umbrella allows connections to primary care physicians and specialists in the Hawaii Health Network and extension of next level care for continued health and wellness. To learn more, call 808-456-CARE ( 808-456-2273 ). Walk-ins welcome, most insurances accepted. Drug screenings DOT physicals Tattoo license medical clearance MMA medical clearance Vitamin B 12 shots Respirator clearance Physicals and fitness tests The urgent care clinics are Urgent Care Association of America-certified, which means the clinics have met nationally standardized criteria to provide high levels of care and achieve excellence in: • Governance • Human Resources • Patient Care Processes • Physical Environment • Quality Improvement • Health Record Management • Patient Privacy/Rights/ Responsibilities • Scope of Care WINDWARD HEALTH | 5