Adventist Health Castle | Windward Health | Fall 2021

IF YOU’VE DRIVEN BY RECENTLY, you may have noticed our exciting renovation project at Adventist Health Castle, and we’re excited to finally give you a glimpse into the new addition of an important wing in our hospital. Our Imaging Center recently installed a state- of-the-art magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine, replacing the older machine with a newer Signa Artist™ MRI capable of shorter scan times, improved image quality and the ability to accommodate patients up to 500 pounds. MRI is one of the safest, most comfortable ways to obtain clear, detailed pictures of the inside of the human body without the use of X-rays, surgery or biopsy. MRI scans are painless for the patient and offer such accurate images that physicians can often obtain as much information from the scan as they could if they were looking directly at the tissue. Imaging Center State-of-the-art We strive to make all exams as comfortable and convenient as possible. Please visit for more information. conveniently located in Kailua A larger diameter scanner will accommodate patients of all sizes, providing a more comfortable scan and minimizing the feeling of claustrophobia some patients may have experienced with older MRI machines. This machine also improves patient comfort by offering features such as noise reduction, an improved sound system and an upgraded fan system. With shorter scan times, more appointment times are available, reducing turnaround times for scans while increasing patient safety. Additionally, we’ve upgraded our computed tomography (CT) scanner to the Revolution EVO™ 128-slice CT scanner. CT scans are two- dimensional images of a “slice” or section of the body. It is useful for obtaining images of the brain, lungs, abdomen, soft tissues and bones. CT is often the preferred way of diagnosing many cancers or detecting swelling. This scan allows physicians to confirm the presence and location of a tumor, its size and affected surrounding tissue. Adventist Health Castle offers cutting-edge technology close to home for a new level of patient comfort and image clarity. Additional state-of-the-art imaging services we provide are: Nuclear medicine. Three-dimensional mammography. Digital radiography. DEXA (bone densitometry). Ultrasound. WINDWARD HEALTH | 3